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M31FA600A – Automatic Voltage Regulator

Marelli digital AVR; MEC20

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M31FA600A – Automatic Voltage Regulator

The M31FA600A MEC-20 voltage regulator is suitable for synchronous generators constructed by MARELLI MOTORI from series MJB for sizes 315 to 800.

The M31FA600A voltage regulator is a micro-processor device with pulse-width modulation (PWM) output stage, and can be calibrated using potentiometers. The circuit board is resin-bonded in order to maintain a high degree of operational reliability even in difficult environmental conditions (high levels of humidity, dust, a salty atmosphere) and in the presence of vibrations.

Technical Data:

    • Type: 1=phase.
    • From:
      • Mains
      • Auxiliary winding
      • Permanent magnet generator (PMG)
    • Range: From 170Vac to 277Vac +/-10% @ 50/400Hz.
    • Self-excitation: 5Vac.
    • Voltage:
      • 1-phase, 2 terminals
      • 3-phase, 3 terminals
      • From 220Vac to 480Vac +/-10% @ 50/60Hz.
    • Current: From 0 to 1Aac (@ 50/60Hz)
    • Range 1: From -5 to +/-5Vdc for a variation from -15% to +/-15% of the voltage reference.
    • Range 2: Suitable for connection to Power Factor Regulator M50FA400A.
    • Resistance: From 3Ω to 20oΩ .
    • Continuity: From 0 to 7 Adc.
    • Forcing 10s: From 0 to 15 Adc.
    • Soft start: Ramp time adjustable from 0 to 60s.
    • Parallel between generators:
      • Type: Reactive droop compensation
      • Droop: from 0 to 15%
      • Type: Inverse time characteristic
      • 1 maximum settable threshold, above which the limiting device operate according to the characteristic
      • 1 open collector output per signal
    • Under frequency limiting device:
      • Corner frequency adjustable from 40 to 60 Hz
      • Zero Volt frequency adjustable from 0 to 40 Hz
    • From 0 to 100% load: +/-0.5% @ PF 0.8 – balance and non deforming load and constant frequency.
    • With +/-4% engine governing: +/-1% @ steady state conditions for load and speed.
    • Steady state: +/-0.1% @ at constant load and frequency.
    • Thermal drift: +/-0.5% for a change of 30°C at T AMB in 10 minutes.
    • V/Hz: +/-2%
    • Operating temperature: From -30°C to +70°C
    • Storage: From -40°C to +80°C

Use with Power Factor Regular model M50FA400A. For varicomp model M40FA630A and M40FA632A.

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