• M31FA600A – Automatic Voltage Regulator

    $1,312.00 SGD
    Marelli digital AVR; MEC20
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  • M40FA706A – Marelli AVR Panel

    $922.00 SGD
    Marelli Spares DAVR Regulator Panel
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  • M50FA433A – Basler Digital AVR

    $5,841.00 SGD
    Marelli Spares Besler Digital Regulator Basler DECS 100B15
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  • m71fa310a digital avr, digital automatic voltage regulatorm71fa310a digital avr, digital automatic voltage regulator

    M71FA310A – Marelli Digital AVR – MEC100

    $3,503.00 SGD
    Marelli Digital AVR With Field Current Regulation Model MEC-100 Basic
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  • m71fa320a digital avr, digital automatic voltage regulatorm71fa320a digital avr, digital automatic voltage regulator

    M71FA320A – Marelli Digital AVR – MEC100D

    $3,940.00 SGD
    Marelli Digital AVR With Diode Failure Monitoring, Model MEC-100 DM
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  • RS-232 Cable for MEC-100D

    $329.00 SGD
    Marelli Spares DAVR 232-USB cable
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Should missing part no., in order to expedite the process and offer correct part, kindly provide your company detail, destination, alternator’s nameplate information, e.g. model no., serial no., and 13 digit code. 

Origin - Italy

Most parts sold origin from Marelli's factory in Italy. Unless some accessories or diodes may not produce by factory.

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